Theatre Smith-Gilmour

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Michele Smith

* We believe that the actor’s imagination is at the centre of the process and the actors must risk failing in order to find a new freedom.

* Beyond linguistic, cultural and age barriers, we believe in a theatre of image and action that can make us feel by speaking to the heart.

* We believe that theatre can make us more humane, more tender, more compassionate, and more refined.

* We believe that the audience takes part in the show; that we are in a dialogue with the audience, a dialogue of feelings. We want to open their eyes, to make them feel, to touch them through feelings and vulnerability.

* We believe in a theatre that has no 4th wall, no sofas, no kitchen sinks. We believe in a theatre that is here and now on a bare stage but at the same time somewhere else through the actor’s imagination and the audience’s imagination.

Dean Gilmour

* In our work we write with our bodies.

* We believe that theatre asks people to listen, see and feel with the heart.

* We believe that the purpose of art is to make people more fragile, tender and tolerant.

* We believe that theatre creates a sense of community.

* We believe that theatre should destroy certitude and open up the imagination.

* We believe that art should educate and encourage change.

* The artistic process is at the heart of every aspect of our company’s operations.

* We believe that art is vital to our community.

* We believe that artistic diversity is what will make our culture healthy.

Company Information:

  • Season Starts: January
  • Season Ends: January