Rising Tide Theatre

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Formed in 1978, Rising Tide began by writing and producing political plays that addressed controversial issues for Newfoundland and Labrador. In 1993, the Company created the New Founde Lande Trinity Pageant, an outdoor theatre experience that takes audiences on a journey through the lanes and roads of Trinity. The purpose was to bring to life the rich history of the area while showcasing the acting talent of local Newfoundlanders.

In 1994, the company opened the Summer in the Bight theatre festival as a companion event to the pageant. Each year, the festival brings to the stage a new season of plays, dinner theatre and concerts that focus on the inspiring stories that make this province unique. The festival had traditionally run during the summer months, but in 2002 the company expanded the festival into the fall and re-named it "Seasons in the Bight". Since then, Rising Tide has focused on developing new and innovative works by writers such as Des Walsh, Berni Stapleton, Kevin Major, Ed Riche, Ben Pittman, Petrina Bromley, Ruth Lawrence and many more.

Company Information:

  • Season Timeframe: Year-round