Quest Theatre

Nurturing young people through exceptional adventures in theatre

PACT Membership: Regular Membership

PACT Caucuses: Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA),

PACT Region: 2 – Alberta and the Territories


Nurturing young people through exceptional adventures in theatre.

Legal Mandate

The object of Quest Theatre is to “create and present vital theatre to audiences of all ages with a special commitment to young audiences.”

Mission Statement

Quest Theatre creates intelligent and whimsical theatre experiences that encourage young people to explore who they are, discover what is important, and build the kind of world they want to live in.

Current Season:

Flib·ber·ti·gib·bet’s Story Exhibit

An extravaganza of songs, stories, and games with a light and shadow finale makes this exhibit perfect for little people aged 3 – 7 and their caregivers. This interactive delight is sure to skyrocket little people’s imaginations, rhythm boxes, wonder wheels, giggle nooks, and funny bones.  Playing around Calgary at Cardel Theatre, Evergreen Community Spaces, Shane Homes YMCA at Rocy Ridge: BMO Theatre, and cSPACE Studio Theatre from October 29 – Nov 4th, 2018

We Are all Treaty People

Created by the Artists of Making Treaty 7

A Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society and Quest Theatre Co-Production

We Are All Treaty People tells the story a Blackfoot Trickster who bursts in on two young girls, one Indigenous, one non-Indigenous, who what to be friends.  He proceeds to pull historical accounts, poetry, songs, prayer and creative story telling out of his knowledge bundle to present to the girls that their path to friendship is virtually impossible.  Told with Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists the plays intent is to promote healing and to inspire positive relationships across cultures and generations.  Playing at Young People's Theatre in Toronto, Feb 11 - 22, 2019, and touring Alberta Feb 24 – April 18, 2019

Artists in School Residency Program  - September 2018 - June 2019

Seasonal Drama Camps


Company Information:

  • Year Founded: 1984
  • Annual Budget: $750,000
  • Season Starts: June
  • Season Ends: May
  • Theatre Tours: Yes
  • Tour Locations:
    • Regionally
    • Nationally
  • Engagement Contracts:
    • CTA
  • Affiliations & Memberships (other than PACT): Theatre Alberta, Alberta Playwrights Network, Playwrights Guild of Canada, Associated Designers of Canada,
  • New Play Development Activities:


    Harry and Horsie Original book by Kate Van Camp, Illustrations by Lincoln Agnew.

    When a boy named Harry sneaks out of bed one night with his best friend, Horsie, to play with his super duper Bubble Blooper – an out-of-this-world adventure begins!  A charming story about the power of friendship and imagination.  A Black Light performance piece featuring the retro-comic art illustrations by Lincoln Agnew from the book by Katie Van Camp.


    King of the Castle by Nikki Loach

    A little blue puppeteer disguises herself as orange to gain the favor of a prejudiced orange King in an orange dominant kingdom. She succeeds beyond her wildest dreams and befriends the King.  But what happens when he finds out she is not really orange? Will the King uphold his own law and banish her for mischief?  Or can the little blue puppeteer save herself, can she turn the King’s heart despite being blue, and is it even possible for the King to transform his kingdom?  Explored through puppetry, shadow and mask, King of the Castle examines the power of friendship, the pressure of power, and the challenges of doing the right thing for everyone.

  • Senior Staff:

  • Nikki LoachArtistic Director
  • Peita LutiDirector of Business Operations
  • Joanna IlesProgram Coordinator

Venue Information:

Rental Information:

  • Venue rental Information:

    Venue rentals: no

Solicitation Information:

  • Playwrights:

    Accept unsolicited scripts: yes
  • Policies: If you are a playwright, a creator, an arts organization, or a community service group with an idea that involves young people and theatre we want to hear from you. Although our mandate can support a wide range of family audiences, typically we create and tour for elementary school aged children and their families in Alberta.  Plays are typically under one hour long, that can be performed with a company of 3 performers and a stage manager.  Plays are whimsical, intelligent and aim to nurture young people beyond an entertainment mandate. We welcome you to contact our company if you have a play that fits our typical programming structure, or you are in the early stages of developing a play for young audiences.  We are happy to chat with you about what sort of work we like to produce before you finish your play.
  • Actors:

    Accept Resumés: yes
  • Policies: Quest Theatre wants to encourage all artists to explore theatre for young audiences as part of their ongoing practice. Diversity is central to making art.  Quest Theatre is open to inspiration from any artist who is passionate about sharing their love of theatre with young people.   We welcome artists of various races, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and ability, as these represent the audience we serve. Please note: We typically hire Alberta artists and do not have funds to pay for travel to, and accommodation in, Calgary (our point of origin) while on contract.  That said, we can consider artists out of province that are able to travel to and accommodate themselves in Calgary while on contract.  
  • General auditions: yes
  • General auditions guidelines: General Auditions typically happen in April or May. Please email resume and photo in early April.
  • Contact name: Nikki Loach
  • Contact Title: Artistic Director
  • Contact Email: