PUENTE Theatre

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PACT Region: 1 – British Columbia

PUENTE Theatre's mandate is to use theatrical experience as a bridge between cultures.

Our objective is to express the immigrant experience while striving for the highest artistic standards. We endeavour to foster respect for the cultural heritage that immigrants bring to our new homeland, and to facilitate the integration of newcomer artists into the local theatre environment.

PUENTE's goals are:
to offer work and creative development opportunities to immigrant artists.
to create a multi-ethnic network of immigrant artists and resources, designed to attract and engage newcomers.
to develop Canadian audiences, and educate them about aspects of the immigrant experience.
to expose Canadian audiences to works from other cultures.
to expose immigrant artists to Canadian theatre.
to build community through collaborative projects.
to act as an information resource for other organizations and agencies regarding theatrical works from other cultures.
to use theatre to explore social issues including, but not limited to, those relating to race and culture.

Company Information:

  • Season Starts: January
  • Season Ends: January