Port Stanley Festival Theatre

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PACT Region: 4 – Ontario, outside Toronto

To enhance the artistic, cultural and economic life of the village of Port Stanley and surrounding areas.

Current Season:

Leisa Way stars in
Across the Pond: The British Invasion

May 22, 2018-June 2, 2018

Leisa Way and her Lonely Hearts Club Band bring you a cornucopia of British Invasion favourites.  From the Beatles to the Rolling Stones to the Kinks and Herman's Hermits, from Lulu and Petual Clark to Dusty Springfield, let this non-stop parade of hits take you back to the time of go-go boots and mini skirts.

Halfway There by Norm Foster

June 6, 2018-June 30, 2018

Cast adrift by his fiancee, Doctor Sean is looking to "escape for a while", and Junior's Cafe in Stewiake, NS, seems to be the perfect refuge.  What he hasn't prepared for is a quartet of diner divas set on giving him a truly east coast welcome!  Romance, gossip, bawdy tales, and the true meaning of friendships that last forever.  A masterful new comedy by Canada's favourite playwright.


World Premiere of Buying the Farm by Shelley Hoffman and Stephen Sparks

July 4, 2018-July 21, 2018

Change is in the air!
Magnus Bjornson has some issues.  His finances are in tatters, his great niece is hiding out, his health is not what it once was, and now he has a determined Real Estate developer banging on his door.  What's a bachelor farmer suppose to do?  A dance as old as time itself.  A comedy about hope, last stands, skunks, and love amoung the chickens


Book Club by Kristen Da Silva

July 25, 2018-August 18, 2018

Three girls, three boys, an exchange of ideas, an exploration of a favourite book....that was the plan, or was it?  Everyone gets more than they bargained for when "Book Club" gets out of hand.  Lots gets said, but precious little has anything to do with books!

A delightfully quirky comedy from the writer of "Five Alarm".


Sunshine Express by Sarah Quick

August 22, 2018- September 8, 2018

Join us for our season closer and enjoy the ultimate road trip!  Florida or bust!  For his 40th birthday Alan and wife Brenda are inadvertently booked on a "Charlie Cheetle's Charter" seniors bus tour, and the fun has just begun.  4 actors play 30 unique characters in this rollicking tour de force.  Lemon smuggling and border crossings, Cracker Barrel breakfasts and bingo, Happy Hour and Walmart...

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  • Year Founded: 1978
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