Old Trout Puppet Workshop

A company of artists dedicated to re-imagining the art of puppetry

PACT Membership: Regular Membership

PACT Region: 2 – Alberta and the Territories

MANDATE: To promote and present puppet theatre, sculpture, and conventional theatre and to provide education in these areas; To facilitate collaborative production of puppet shows, sculpture, theatre and other related art; To provide a facility that encourages varied and eclectic artistic endeavors.

Company Information:

  • Senior Staff:

  • Peter BalkwillCo-Artistic Director
  • Pityu KenderesCo-Artistic Director
  • Judd PalmerCo-Artistic Director
  • Bob DavisGeneral Manager

Venue Information:

  • Number of Rehersal seats: 0

Rental Information:

  • Venue rental Information:

    Venue rentals: yes
  • Venue rental contact name: Bob Davis
  • Venue rental contact title: General Manager
  • Venue rental contact phone: 403-508-4929
  • Venue rental contact email: bob@theoldtrouts.org

Solicitation Information:

  • Playwrights:

    Accept unsolicited scripts: no
  • Actors:

    Accept Resumés: yes
  • Production staff:

    Accept Resumés: yes
  • Administrative Staff:

    Accept Resumés: yes
  • Designers:

    Accept Resumés: no
  • Directors:

    Accept Resumés: no