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Nightswimming is a creative laboratory committed to commissioning and creating projects through a comprehensive artistic process culminating in performance. We give artists invaluable space in which to create, free from the pressure of most deadlines. Our time and resources are devoted to creating and developing each work through a custom designed process from inception to premiere, and to establishing partnerships for every project to ensure each reaches as broad an audience as possible.

We have worked with established artists such as playwrights Carmen Aguirre, Judith Thompson and Colleen Wagner and choreographer Julia Sasso; award-winning novelists like Anosh Irani, Jane Urquhart and Michael Redhill; and committed to artists such as Anita Majumdar, Andy Massingham, Jordi Mand and Jordan Tannahhill at key moments in their careers.

Nightswimming offers these talented artists the rare opportunity to create a new piece through a substantial commission. We surround them with the best collaborators in the fields of theatre, dance, design and music and the means to create their dream project.

Company Information:

  • Season Starts: January
  • Season Ends: January