Infinite Vision, Infinite Possibilities: Montreal's only Anglo theatre company exclusively dedicated to producing works by Quebec writers.

Great theatre begins with great writing. We believe that the most effective way to put the challenges, diversity and possibilities of our contemporary life on the stage is by seeking out, developing, showcasing and brokering original plays by our own Québec playwrights and, since 2016, also the work of Indigenous writers from across Canada.

That is why our playwriting competition and script development programs are open to the broadest spectrum of local writers. We challenge writers from other media-journalists, poets, and novelists-to write for the stage. We seek out innovative Québec and Indigenous plays, playwrights, and new theatrical styles. We also tackle and adapt classic plays when the themes and characters are relevant.

Anglophone artistic expression is Infinithéâtre's mother tongue. However, as life in the great creative crucible of Montréal is primarily conducted in French, inevitably some of our work is bilingual, even multilingual. Language, and the paradox of creating in English in Québec, a linguistic minority within a linguistic minority, helps shape our identity and fuels our creative work.

With our unique record of longevity and achievement as an independent Anglophone theatre company in Montréal, we play a leadership role in the relève of Québécois theatre in English. With the digital screens of our wired universe dominating the mindset and quality of contemporary life, we strive to celebrate live human connection. We believe it is especially important to ensure a younger generation of theatregoers has a chance to celebrate community and collectivity through the experience of live theatre.

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  • Phone Number (admin): 514-987-1774 ext 101
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  • Year Founded: 1997
  • Season Starts: September
  • Season Ends: April
  • Theatre Tours: Yes
  • Affiliations & Memberships (other than PACT): CQT, QDF, QWF, ELAN, APASQ, CAEA
  • Description of work:

    Infinithéâtre believes that theatre should be a collective experience encouraging/ provoking a discourse with and about the community and the diversity of the world we live in - the challenges of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

    We also believe that theatre has to be entertaining, diverting and enthralling.

    We try never to forget that theatre is a profession - a métier - where craft and experience are in constant negotiation with originality and creativity.

    As a small theatre with modest means, Infinithéâtre has consciously chosen to develop, produce and broker only plays written by Québeckers. We believe this choice, this guiding principle, automatically steers our work towards subject matter and themes relevant to Montréal and Québec and results in the strongest possible engagement and live interaction with our audience.

    Our work has toured to Cairo, Egypt; Off Broadway, New York; The NAC in Ottawa as part of the Québec Scene; Toronto and Stratford Ontario; around Montréal and throughout Québec. Our work has also been translated and performed in French at the Place des Arts and in Japanese in Tokyo. Some of the plays we developed and premièred have ended up being published. Many of the playwrights that we 'discovered' early in their careers have gone on to be produced in larger theatres across the country. One of the plays we first dramaturged Nicholas Billon's, Elephant Song, has been turned into a major feature film. We dramaturged and premièred Oren Safdie's, Unseamly, in February of 2013 - the first major production of one of his plays in his hometown! The play was subsequently picked up in New York directed by Sarah Carlson, the co-director of our production and starring Jonathan Silver, our lead actor.

    Our guiding maxim also allows us, occasionally, to do the Québec English-language premières of plays originally written in French, such as our 2012 version of François Archambault's, The Leisure Society. We also occasionally permit ourselves to stage adaptations of classic plays from elsewhere if these adaptations are relevant. Our 2001 unique bilingual production of Beckett's Endgame/Fin de partie and our Kafka's Ape adaptation which has had a very successful run at the Edinburgh Festival, are two memorable examples.

    A major ongoing challenge and responsibility is to find the most relevant, the most literate, and the most theatrically exciting Québec plays possible. In 2006, to raise the stakes of our developmental process and to assist in our search for new plays, we inaugurated Pipeline, a public reading series of unproduced plays. Then in 2009, in an attempt to up the quality of the work being submitted to us, we inaugurated our Write-On-Q! play-writing competition offering the richest literary prize in English Québec, which has proven so successful in attracting submissions that the competition now discovers the majority of our programming for us.

  • New Play Development Activities:

    Within the limits of our fiscal means we place great value on the long-term development of our work: our commitment to a younger writers or senior writers but first-time playwrights. We spend much of our creative energy honing the dramaturgy of plays slated for production.

    In 2015, we added a major initiative to our development activity, a playwrights' unit. We invited eight Québec playwrights, developing seven unique plays, each play sponsored by a different Québec English-language theatre, for a twelve-month intensive playwriting unit under the guidance of dramaturge and playwright Alexandria Haber. It is an amazingly ambitious initiative supported by the entire English-language theatre community. The Unit initiative takes the experience and expertise of Infinithéâtre and puts it at the disposal and for the benefit of the entire English-speaking minority of Quebec.

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  • Guy SprungArtistic Director
  • Simon A About-FadelGeneral Manager

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    Venue rentals: no

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    Accept unsolicited scripts: yes
  • Policies: Infinithéâtre organizes a Québec playwriting competition every year and the competition is onto its 10th edition! Infinithéâtre receives many innovative and exciting new plays from a lot of talented playwrights across Québec and a jury of professionals choose the winner of the Pam Dunn Prize ($3,000). The winning script, as well as two or three additional plays, comprise the line-up of the annual reading series, The Pipeline, which is an animated weekend of free public play readings. After each Pipeline reading, Infinithéâtre takes its cue from the audience at talk-backs involving the actors and the playwright. These discussions provide valuable feedback for future programming and script rewrites. So, read the guidelines and sharpen your skills for the next year's 11th edition of Write-On-Q! Deadline: the first Tuesday after Labour Day. We can’t wait to read your play!
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    Accept Resumés: yes
  • General auditions: yes
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  • Contact name: Simon Abou-Fadel
  • Contact Title: General Manager
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