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Her Side of the Story

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Imago Theatre is a catalyst for conversation, an advocate for equal representation and a hub for stories about unstoppable women.



We are arms open, heads flung back, spinning catalysts.
We are kaleidoscopic words that ripple and tear down walls.
We are daring feminists, creators and mentors and we won’t stop advancing, developing, democratizing, and telling Her Side of the Story.

We advance Her Side of the Story through theatre that advocates for equal participation and representation for women and marginalized groups. We advance equality, social justice and Her Side of the Story through post-show talkbacks that encourage meaningful conversation and exchange. We develop Her Side of the Story through ARTISTA, our free theatre arts mentorship program for young women, and also by providing mentorship opportunities and artistic residencies for emerging and established theatre artists from a variety of disciplines (acting, playwriting, directing, artistic direction and arts administration). We democratize access to Her Side of the Story through our Pay-What-You-Decide initiative and by ensuring that all our events take place in spaces that are physically accessible to all. We tell Her Side of The Story through theatre about unstoppable women with urgent stories that challenge and galvanize Canadian audiences.



Current Season:

Click here to learn more about our current season.

Company Information:

  • Year Founded: 1987
  • Annual Budget: $$310,000
  • Season Starts: August
  • Season Ends: May
  • Theatre Tours: Yes
  • Tour Locations:
    • Regionally
    • Nationally
    • Internationally
  • Engagement Contracts:
    • CTA
    • APASQ
  • Affiliations & Memberships (other than PACT): CQT-Conseil Québecois du Théâtre
  • Description of work:

    Imago Theatre's work is centered on: 

    1) A daring artistic practice

    2) The transformative power of art, poetry and beauty: Poetry in form and language, transformative experiences and expanded storytelling.

    3) A feminist art practice: Challenges to the status quo, women’s resistance and unsilencing, new ways of thinking about dramatic structures, news ways of thinking about womanhood, stories that catalyze conversation around the complexity of the female experience.

    4) Political engagement: Theatre is political when it is personal, stories where all voices are heard, theatre that avoids idle chat and that re-invents creative processes and production models, a lateral and decentralized way of working, fostering critical thinking and awakening curiosity.

    5) Equality: A belief in theatre that is not elitist and that prioritizes equality with timely, urgent stories that touch us all.



  • Festivals & Special Events:

    Imago Theatre's artistic programming is responsive and occasionally manifests as a festival centered around the telling of Her Side of the Story. The company has curated 2 Her Side of the Story festivals and a festival around the subject of war entitled, Have We Forgotten Yet? You can learn more about Imago's past events including their festivals here.

  • New Play Development Activities:

    Imago Theatre has several artists-in-residence working on plays and projects addressing a diversity of themes and subjects. Learn more here.

  • Other Activities:

    Imago Theatre is active in the Montreal arts community and beyond. Learn more about the ways in which the company engages with community here.

  • Senior Staff:

  • Micheline ChevrierArtistic and Executive Director
  • Joy Ross-JonesAssociate Artist, ARTISTA Program Director
  • Cristina CugliandroAssociate Artist, Outreach and Touring
  • Erin LindsayAssociate Artist, Communications and Project Management
  • Sophie GeeAssociate Artist, Special Projects

Rental Information:

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    Venue rentals: no

Solicitation Information:

  • Playwrights:

    Accept unsolicited scripts: no
  • Policies: Visit our website at for more information about submissions.
  • Actors:

    Accept Resumés: no
  • Policies: Visit our website at for more information about submissions.
  • Production staff:

    Accept Resumés: no
  • Administrative Staff:

    Accept Resumés: no
  • Designers:

    Accept Resumés: no
  • Directors:

    Accept Resumés: no