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Geordie Productions aims to entertain, provoke thought, fire up the imagination, and to challenge our audience.  We celebrate the art of theatre and its impact by working with emerging and established professional artists from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds to create works that are provocative, relevant and enchanting; inspiring dialogue between communities, children and parents as well as teachers and students of all ages.  Geordie is committed to developing and adding new excellent works for Theatre for Young Audiences to the Canadian canon.  We look to build relationships with and extend our audience through inclusive practices and by visiting far-reaching communities in Quebec and abroad.  Since 1980, Geordie has been producing and presenting plays that are important to young people; stories that are uniquely related to them in a context that reflects the world around them and their personal experiences at home.  They are always about fostering the voice of young people and giving them a vessel in which they are represented, listened to, and encouraged while inspiring dialogue about what they see and recognize.


Geordie Productions is committed to creating, presenting and advocating for theatre that engages young audiences.  The company’s artistic and administrative policies are guided by three principal pillars: Development, Production/Touring, and Education/Outreach which encompass the philosophy that all children should be exposed to and be given access to the arts.

Current Season:

What happens when you see something that may appear strange or unfair? What do you do about it? Where do you go? How do you stand your ground? When do you give space for others to take the spotlight?

Welcome to Geordie’s 38th season where we discover powerful stories written by some of Canada’s most prolific playwrights that applaud the immutable heart and spirit of young people, their voices and their passion. Young people who are encouraged to make a difference in the world and to shape their realities for a better future for all.

I am awestruck by the immense courage young people have shown against some impressive odds happening in our world today. Throughout history we have heard stories from across the globe and our own backyard where kids are forced to make difficult choices, as well as children who have banded together to stand up against intolerance and adversity. These young people are our agents for change and these are some of their stories. This year, I invite you to a season that will transport you, inspire you, and remind us all – through the unique power of theatre – of the young people all around us who are truly making a difference.

Raise your voice!

Mike Payette, Artistic Director


Company Information:

  • Year Founded: 1980
  • Annual Budget: $950,000
  • Season Starts: July
  • Season Ends: June
  • Theatre Tours: Yes
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    • Internationally
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  • Affiliations & Memberships (other than PACT): QDF, Assitej (Canada), la Maison Théâtre, CQT,
  • Description of work:

    Geordie pledges to engage more directors and playwrights that represent the diversity of our city, our province and our world to include ethnic, racialized, physical ability, gender identity and social voices.  All companies seek diversity within our audiences, but more often than not, those diverse members are still majoritively seeing and experiencing stories that still come from a uniquely Euro-centric lens.  For example - we can cast Peter Pan as Black, but the story of Peter Pan will always derive from the original Caucasian and European playwright.   It is more difficult to find and program leaders of these stories into a season, but it is our responsibility to seriously consider race, gender identity and physical ability in all of our artistic decisions.  We are committed to commissioning playwrights and hiring directors that speak to this pledge. We look forward to Geordie being a leader in an authentically inclusive artistic environment; one that learns and grows from these forms of collaboration and ensures that we will earn more diverse audience members who will see themselves and their experiences onstage.


  • Festivals & Special Events:

    We will start the 18/19 season with a revamped Geordie Theatre Festival. We will invite our public audiences to experience the 2Play touring shows as we have before, as well as present a "baby play" by Young People's Theatre called One Thing Leads to Another, to engage our smallest audience members.  This will enable Geordie and our city to be exposed to the work happening around the country and the world of TYA.  We aim to bring Geordie to a place where we are a family and community hub for all ages and people.

  • New Play Development Activities:

    Our focus in the next phase of our growth is to ensure that Geordie remains a landmark TYA company both nationally and internationally, to seek opportunities that expose the importance of our work, to promise arts as a vehicle to as many communities as possible, and offer the arts as a vessel for all young people to be empowered by their own capabilities and potential.  We have strengthened our development process in creating new work and establishing a more extensive creation period to involve design and other disciplinary elements.


  • Senior Staff:

  • Mike PayetteArtistic Director
  • Kathryn WestollManaging Director
  • Jessica AbdallahArtistic Associate
  • Patrick CharronCommunications and Marketing Manager
  • Gabriela SaltielAudience and Development Coordinator

Rental Information:

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    Venue rentals: no

Solicitation Information:

  • Playwrights:

    Accept unsolicited scripts: yes
  • Policies: Scripts are accepted on an ongoing basis sent to  Please provide a cover letter, synopsis, and artist's CV along with the script.
  • Actors:

    Accept Resumés: yes
  • Policies: Geordie engages in several general and production auditions throughout the year.  Please visit to find out more opportunities.  
  • Production staff:

    Accept Resumés: yes
  • Contact name: Kathryn Westoll
  • Contact Title: Managing Director
  • Contact Phone: 514-845-9810
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  • Administrative Staff:

    Accept Resumés: yes
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    Accept Resumés: yes
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    Accept Resumés: yes