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From its founding in 1970 with a commitment to Canadian stories; to the Heritage building that now houses the 45-year old company; Factory's vision has always conveyed indomitable courage and resolve; toughness; tenaciousness; and strength of character. Factory has grit.

New work and play development are at the heart of Factory's artistic vision. Factory's role is to boldly bring new Canadian voices to the stage. Some voices are bound to be unfamiliar and challenging but the goal is for the expression of that voice to give the audience pause for reflective questions and critical thinking. Theatre as an authentic challenge – theatre with grit.

Current Season:

Shaping Stories With Six New Plays

At Factory, we have been exploring the idea of Canada by questioning what makes something a Canadian classic, and how our shifting population is changing Canadian identity. This season I’m excited to present a collection of work that takes a fresh look at how we tell Canadian stories.

This year includes work that will playfully challenge traditional theatrical conventions, expand the concept of storytelling, and confront audiences with complex and sometimes dangerous questions.

This season is a showcase of work created and helmed by artists familiar and new; from here and beyond Toronto; created through partnerships with exciting Canadian companies; featuring a slice of Canada's best theatrical work; and furthering the connection between audience, space, imagination, and text.

See you at the theatre

- Nina Lee Aquino, Artistic Director

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Company Information:

  • Year Founded: 1970
  • Season Starts: September
  • Season Ends: May
  • Engagement Contracts:
    • ADC
    • CTA
    • PGC
  • Affiliations & Memberships (other than PACT): Toronto Alliance of Professional Theatres
  • New Play Development Activities:

    New work development at Factory is artist-driven and artist specific. There is no formula for making new work for the stage. We commit to specificity in our development activities, providing each creator with their particular needs rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

    We are committed to the long-term development of relationships with artists. For Factory, it’s not about the last production, or the next production; it’s about our relationship with artists and providing a space for the creation of a body of work.

    We are not solely developing texts; we are creating theatre. Therefore, we commit to engaging with all theatrical artists in new work development. Choreographers, designers, directors, and actors are all crucial to the development of works of theatre, and we will involve them as early as the process demands.

    Factory will actively reach out to diverse artists and initiate relationships. We are driven by the conviction that the best way to make artists feel that their work and their voices have a space here at Factory is to create that space with open arms.

    Honesty is the core of what we do. Factory will give an honest yes or no to full production or further development.

  • Other Activities:


    Natural Resources is our new work creation group for mid-career and senior artists. Participants will work with dramaturg Matt McGeachy on individual projects. Participation is by invitation only.

    The Foundry is a new work creation group for early career writers. Working closely with Artistic Director Nina Lee Aquino, participants will be guided through the process of generating new work, leading to a completed script.

    The Lab Creative Residency is an opportunity for interdisciplinary artists from all performance disciplines to take up residency at Factory for a period several weeks to investigate a question or series of questions, not necessarily tied to any specific project or piece. The Lab is a place for experimentation, and an expansion of Factory’s commitment to building long-term relationships with artists. All performance disciplines, from dancers and choreographers to playwrights and designers to performance artists and directors and beyond, can come to Factory and use the building as their resource. The Lab is a flexible program tailored to the individual needs of participants, and a small stipend is provided.

    FACTORY MECHANICALS - An Actor’s Training Enhancement and Mentorship Initiative
    The Factory Mechanicals is a professional program geared towards emerging actors who have completed a post-secondary theatre training program within the last 5-7 years. This program is intended to offer the artists both mentorship opportunities and Master Class training. The intent and focus of the program is to fill a gap in the artistic training of young artists by providing an in depth of knowledge with the Canadian theatre cannon, tools for the actor during new play development and workshops, and long term professional mentorship.

    FACTORY FOREMEN - Director Training Enhancement in New Work Development
    The Factory Foremen is an intensive program for training early career directors of colour. Through a combination of masterclasses with directors, designers, and dramaturgs; intensive mentoring from Artistic Director Nina Lee Aquino; working on new play development projects from the Natural Resources Creation Group and The Foundry; and serving as assistant director for one of the shows in our season, the Foremen aims to provide hands-on training in developing and directing new work, from workshop to mainstage. Frustrated by there being too few directors of colour in Toronto, Factory decided to channel that frustration into an innovative training program that partners with individuals and organizations throughout Toronto to sponsor a Foreman for the season, where they will be partnered with one of our master directors for the season.

    FACTORY ENGINEERS - Leadership & Producer Training Enhancement for Emerging Artists
    Under the Artistic Director’s and/or Managing Director's guidance, the participants will be fully immersed in the world of creating theatre in the most comprehensive sense: from seeking out and cultivating the work and artists (new play and artist development), to conceptualizing the work (season and production planning), securing funding (grant writing), developing and executing a marketing plan, and finally realizing that vision and putting it onto the stage (producing, dramaturgy and directing).

  • Senior Staff:

  • Nina Lee AquinoArtistic Director
  • Jonathan HeppnerManaging Director

Venue Information:

  • Number of Mainspace seats: 200
  • Number of Studio seats: 100
  • Number of Rehersal seats: 30

Rental Information:

  • Venue rental Information:

    Venue rentals: yes
  • Venue rental contact name: Ginger Scott
  • Venue rental contact title: Administrator
  • Venue rental contact phone: 416-504-4476
  • Venue rental contact email: ginger@factorytheatre.ca

Solicitation Information:

  • Playwrights:

    Accept unsolicited scripts: no
  • Policies: Factory Theatre does not accept unsolicited scripts. Agents, artistic directors, and literary managers/dramaturgs are encouraged to contact company dramaturg Matt McGeachy at matt@factorytheatre.ca to refer scripts that are related to Factory’s mission and aesthetic. Factory is interested in work that: - Is intercultural in scope and execution, that shows the reality of Canada in full colour; - Pushes boundaries of theatrical form; - Has a particularly strong sense of poetry and rhythm; and, - Embraces our notion of “Theatre with Grit.” We are unlikely to be interested in romantic comedies, standard kitchen sink dramas, or large-scale musicals.
  • Actors:

    Accept Resumés: no
  • Policies: Factory Theatre holds general auditions for its annual season's workshops and productions. Selected performers should prepare two contrasting monologues written by Canadian playwrights, each under two-minutes in length.  Auditions are by appointment only and priority will be given to members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association. Factory Theatre is committed to inclusive casting.  We encourage submissions from professional artists of all genders, ethnicities and abilities. Please note: Actors may only audition for Factory once every three years. We do not accepting recorded or Skype audition requests. We only accept audition requests for the specific dates indicated each season. We only accept audition requests from artists who are legally able to work in Canada
  • Production staff:

    Accept Resumés: no
  • Administrative Staff:

    Accept Resumés: no
  • Designers:

    Accept Resumés: no
  • Directors:

    Accept Resumés: no