Dancing Sky Theatre

The only professional theatre in rural Saskatchewan.

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PACT Region: 3 – Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Founded in 1993, Dancing Sky Theatre (DST) is located in Meacham, SK. DST was the first professional Saskatchewan theatre to establish itself outside of a major urban centre, and its work reflects and speaks to our rural culture. Although Meacham has a population of 84 people, each production is attended by at least 1,500 people from a wide geographical area. As the majority of our patrons have to drive long distance to get to the shows – we offer pre-show gourmet meals that are always sold out, and have become an integral part of the “DST experience”.

DST is the only theatre in the province that devotes itself to developing, creating, and producing new Canadian scripts, focusing on Saskatchewan – and our work is recognized nationally. For over 20 years we have hired 100% Saskatchewan artists, and have been a part of an ecology that has inspired theatre artists to stay in the province.

In addition to our annual performance season, we tour rural communities, offer school workshops and summer camps, train actors, and serve as a destination for cultural events and community gatherings.

DST is known as an adventurous small company that’s willing to take artistic risks, and the impact of our activities is comparable to that of large regional theatres. Moreover, this is amplified by the fact that we do our work in rural areas for the people that would have never had access to professional theatre otherwise.

Current Season:

Brief Show Descriptions 2017-18

Farmer Joe and The Money Trees – a collective creation

In 2005, a group of artists collectively created a new script that would start a new Christmas tradition at Dancing Sky. Farmer Joe and the Money Trees was inspired by English pantomime, but had its’ sensibility firmly rooted in the prairie dirt. It was a rollicking evening of family fun – full of laughs, music, puppets and thoughtful social commentary. It quickly became an audience favorite and was followed by six more wacky installments – all of them immensely popular with our audience. As part of our 20th birthday we are going back to the source and re-creating the original story of Jack and the Widow Spriggins, with many of the original cast returning for a magical trip down memory lane.

Life After Hockey – by Ken Brown

Life After Hockey is a love story. A boy falls in love with the uniquely Canadian mythology of hockey, and is still sorting through those dreams as a grown man with a wife, kids and a job. This was one of Dancing Sky’s earliest productions – from 1998 – and was such a success that it was invited down to be a part of Globe Theatre’s main stage season the following year. We are thrilled to be revisiting this magical old treasure as part of our 20th anniversary.

Blow Wind – by Dan McDonald with music by Eileen Laverty

We are thrilled to bring you another world premiere to close out our anniversary season. Kathleen still lives on the farm, but it is becoming a challenge because of the steady advancement of Alzheimer’s. Which of the children is going to care for her? Which is going to take over the farm? Inspired by King Lear, this is a beautiful exploration of memory, family and ties to home, set in rural Saskatchewan. Featuring original music by Eileen Laverty.

A Birthday Party

Dancing Sky Theatre opened it’s own space in Meacham on November 11th 1997 with a performance of Billy Bishop Goes to War by John Gray. Since then, we have created 52 major productions; 38 have been world premieres, 18 have been collectives and 12 have toured. It has been a wonderful ride full of amazing creative people and a great community of audience members. To celebrate our 20th birthday, we are having a party! We are going to open up the archives, invite a host of old friends, have a special feast, and have a celebration of the theatre that has been created and the people that have been involved at DST.

Contact Information:

Company Information:

  • Year Founded: 1993
  • Annual Budget: $225,000
  • Season Starts: January
  • Season Ends: January
  • Theatre Tours: Yes
  • Tour Locations:
    • Regionally
  • Senior Staff:

  • Angus FergusonArtistic Director
  • Maxim AntoshinGeneral Manager
  • Louisa FergusonResource Manager

Venue Information:

  • Number of Mainspace seats: 100

Rental Information:

  • Venue rental Information:

    Venue rentals: yes
  • Venue rental contact name: Maxim Antoshin
  • Venue rental contact title: General Manager
  • Venue rental contact phone: 13062016282
  • Venue rental contact email: maxim@dancingskytheatre.com

Solicitation Information:

  • Playwrights:

    Accept unsolicited scripts: yes
  • Actors:

    Accept Resumés: yes
  • General auditions: no
  • Production staff:

    Accept Resumés: yes
  • Administrative Staff:

    Accept Resumés: no
  • Designers:

    Accept Resumés: no
  • Directors:

    Accept Resumés: yes