Eastern Front Theatre

Eastern Front Theatre is dedicated to the development, production and promotion of Atlantic Canadian theatre artists.

PACT Membership: Regular Membership

PACT Region: 7 – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Committed to the pursuit of artistic excellence, the company engages and presents the work of Atlantic Canada’s most established Artists as well as fostering the successes of tomorrow. Featured in our wide range of programming are the works of both acclaimed writers and the experimental creations of emerging East Coast talents.

With three Governor’s General Award nomination, Eastern Front Theatre has proven itself as a leader in the development of new Canadian plays.

Situated in Nova Scotia’s capital, Eastern Front Theatre has a strong record of community involvement; our partnerships with diverse community groups have built an inclusive atmosphere surrounding our operations.

Current Season:

October 23 – November 11, 2018 - Neptune's Scotiabank Stage

​A darkly comedic new musical about a group of homosexual prisoners interred in a WWII Nazi concentration camp in 1943. Crammed into isolated barracks suffering through hard labour and torture behind anything imaginable, these men find strength through art by secretly produced a cabaret. Through the characters they create, they use wit, talent and art as a way to survive, hold on to their identity, and maintain a sense of humanity. Based on historic truths and inspired by actual events and people.


​Dickens' A Christmas Carol
​By Charles Dickens
Directed and adapted for the stage by Jeremy Webb

November 28 - December 27, 2018 - Neptune's Scotiabank Stage

The classic family holiday show is brought lovingly to life in this very special holiday experience. Hilarious and sometimes spooky; Dickens' A Christmas Carol has been lovingly recreated for the whole family. Scrooge, Marley, Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, and three seasonal spirits will fill your family with holiday joy. Tried and tested, Webb's adaptation has met with fantastic critical and box office success in Nova Scotia and the USA since 2003. Co-Production with Neptune Theatre.​


Miss N Me
March 13 - 24, 2019

A new play by Catherine Banks
​Directed by Laura Vingoe-Cram

The day before Dawna’s 25th wedding anniversary party she looks up to see a sky-writing message just for her. The clouds are obscuring a few letters but clearly the message is telling her to steal her husband’s plumbing van and deliver her newest hair design to her inspiration and idol the American hip-hop artist Missy Elliott.

​Pursued by Lulu, Dawna’s obsessive anniversary planner, and assailed by a host of weird and message-carrying hitchhikers including a Mermaid, Clown Parents, Ms Excess Baggage, and a EggoManic, Dawna barely keeps ahead of the life revelation the universe is dishing out.

​Just when she is catatonic from the weight of all the incoming messages her skateboarding son, Justin, literally skates through a crack in the universe to urge her to keep going.​

Company Information:

  • Season Starts: July
  • Season Ends: June
  • Festivals & Special Events:

    The STAGES Theatre Festival is a two-week festival of theatre, presenting shows at different stages of development, by artists at different stages of their careers, through a variety of productions, workshops, and play-readings.

  • New Play Development Activities:

    Playwrights Unit
    Six playwrights are chosen to participate. They will benefit from monthly meetings with EFT’s Artistic Producer.
    They also will:  Be given a Home Delivery and partnered with a dramaturge through Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre who will check in with them over the course of the season to support the development of their work
    Have their work read as part of the annual EFT Stages Festival at Scotiabank Stage in Neptune Theatre
    Be offered complimentary participation in any professional development workshops offered by EFT throughout their tenure and two of the playwrights will receive a script development workshop with an Equity director and actors cast and arranged through Eastern Front Theatre and PARC.

    The goal of the EFT Playwrights Unit is threefold:

    To strengthen the artistic community
    To provide a home theatre in the region for playwrights creating new Atlantic Canadian work
    To create a bridge to ensure these new works make it to the stage at Eastern Front Theatre.

    This program is made possible by the support of Arts Nova Scotia, in association with Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre and Theatre Nova Scotia.

  • Senior Staff:

  • Sam RosenthalArtistic Producer
  • Elsa PihlAdministrator

Rental Information:

  • Venue rental Information:

    Venue rentals: no

Solicitation Information:

  • Playwrights:

    Accept unsolicited scripts: yes
  • Actors:

    Accept Resumés: yes
  • Designers:

    Accept Resumés: yes
  • Directors:

    Accept Resumés: yes